Competition Family-Friendliest Municipality

The “Family-Friendliest Municipality” contest has been taking place for the second year, with the aim of highlighting the best examples and solutions of how municipalities care about their families. In July 2018 the initiative received an international assessment by the European Association of Large Families– the main award under “National Government Initiative” for invested work towards a family-friendly country. 

In the 2018 competition nine municipalities – Daugavpils, Jēkabpils and Jūrmala city municipalities and Alūksne, Ikšķile, Olaine, Ozolnieki, Preiļi and Sigulda municipalities – entered the second round. As part of the second round, the Evaluation Commission visited all the final municipalities to assess and verify how friendly they were for families with children.

The main title “Family-Friendliest Municipality” and award of EUR 30 000 was awarded to Olaine municipality. Among the finalists of the competition, Olaine municipality stood out because of the amount of finances invested in infrastructure this year and the increased childbirth allowance, which is one of the highest in Latvia – EUR 300. In Olaine, there is also the highest level of support for babysitters and there is a highly available (in terms of fees) professional and interest education. Olaine municipality is one of the municipalities with the largest number of children’s playgrounds in Latvia – currently there are 79 playgrounds as well as new forms of support for large families are being introduced here.

Meanwhile, 1st place and award of EUR 15 000 in the group of nine republican city municipalities was received by Daugavpils municipality, in the group of 21 regional development center municipalities 1st  place was received by Preiļi municipality and in the 89 county municipality group 1st place was received by Ikšķile municipality.

Of all the municipalities that participated in the competition this year, the nomination “Municiplaity with the largest number of newborns and essential support for them” was received by Ķekava municipality, the nomination “The municipality of Honorable Families” was won by Madona municipality but the nomination of “Municipality with biggest growth” was won by Līgatne municipality. According to the competition rules, each municipality won EUR 5000.

The competition commission also raised additional nominations at the time of evaluation, to highlight five municipalities for their significant contribution and awarding them a total of EUR 21 000. Alūksne municipality was rewarded for the development of the “Friendly Place for a Child” program in Latvia, Jēkabpils city municipality was rewarded for their contribution to work with young people, Ozolnieki municipality was rewarded for their contribution in youth growth in Teteles elementary school, Sigulda municipality was rewarded for an innovative approach to providing family-friendly environments and opportunities, while Jūrmala city municipality was rewarded for the development of a healthy and creative city for families.

All the money awards awarded in the competition are intended for use in the provision of support measures and services or for the development of environment for families with children.

Schedule for the 2018 competition: