Competition Family-Friendliest Municipality

The goal of the competition Family-Friendliest Municipality is to assess the municipalities of Latvia, identifying the best, which provide the biggest support, as well as the most diverse and accessible services to families with children. All 119 municipalities of Latvia are being invited to take part. They will receive an individual invitation, the competition’s rules, and access to the website where they have to enter the required information.

The competition will take place in two stages. During the first stage, data will be collated by the competition’s organisers, while visitors to the website: will have the opportunity for 45 days to submit their individual assessment and to vote for the family-friendliest municipality. In turn, during the second stage, the three municipalities with the highest number of points in each category will be nominated: the city councils, councils in development centres of regional importance and other district municipalities. A special committee will assess the municipalities by organising visits in person.

The total prize fund for municipalities is 109 000 EUR. The winner of each group will receive a cash prize of at least  15 000 EUR, while the family-friendliest municipality on a national level will be awarded a cash prize of at least  30 000 EUR. The given prizes are intended to be used for the provision of support measures and services or the creation of an environment for families with children. The committee will also make decisions about additional nominations in the total amount of 34 000 EUR.


We kindly ask general public to express their opinion, in order to make municipalities more family-friendly. The municipality with the most actively engaged citizens will receive a special prize in the amount of 3000 EUR from the supporter of the competition SIA Jūrmalas Mežaparki. The prize is intended to be used for purchasing elements for children’s playground. The jury can also make additional nominations.

In last year’s competition, the nomination for The Family-Friendliest Municipality in Latvia in 2017 was awarded to the Ozolnieki District Council. In the category of city councils of republican importance, the winner was Daugavpils City Council, while in the category comprised of district councils that are development centres of regional significance, first place went to Sigulda District Council. In turn, first place in the group of the 89 district councils was awarded to Olaine District Council. In addition, the competition jury also highlighted the achievements of other municipalities in various fields. The competition’s five winners received financial support, which they had to invest in services and the creation of infrastructure for families with children in 2018.